DNI-Control 454A

The DNI-454A is an electrosurgical analyser, which is used to test cut- and coagulation equipment.

The DNI-Control 454A start window

With 454A from the DNI-Control series this functiontester can be easily used inside a PC-configuration. Inside the program, which can be used on a Windows 9x/NT platform, the user can define its own measurement protocols.
Protocols and measurementdata can be stored on fixed places (the used measurement PC or anywhere in the network).

Working with DNI-Control 454A is easy.
It can be started with establishing a measurement protocol. The measurements used in this protocol are selected inside a window and eventually specific parameters can be adjusted.

Inside a protocol it is easy to insert or remove single measurements. After finishing the compilation of a protocol it can be stored. Inside DNI-Control the user can store the protocol on a standard location or choose any other location. It is also possible to make a hardcopy of a defined protocol.
Existing protocols can be opened to be edited.

When a new test is started the user is asked for some data of the electrosurgical unit (ESU) under test, the serial number of the DNI-454A and the name of the technician. After this the desired test protocol is choosen. Now all to fulfill measurements in the test are shown.

Window with which the test starts.
When a measurement is finished the result is given in the righthand field

After clicking the button the test will be started. At the end of the test, the measurement data can be stored as textdocument anywhere on the PC or in an eventually network. Here the user can also store data on the standard or any other location.
DNI-Control always take care that tests are fulfilled according fixed protocols and test results are always and everywhere accessable.

Features of DNI-Control 454A:
  • easy to use because of MS-Windows interface
  • standarized test reports
  • tests according fixed protocols
  • easy storage of test reports
  • possibility of integration inside existing data-management systems

  • System requirements for DNI-Control 454A:
  • MS-Windows 95/98/98SE or NT
  • at least Pentium 100 MHz, 32 Mb memory
  • 1 Mb free space on harddisk
  • 1 free serial interface