Ingenious Systems, established in 1995, is an engineering office that has built up an extensive knowledge about the development and production of special measurement systems for the industrial and medical market.
Beyond development and production Ingenious Systems gives their solutions a high added value by the realisation of technical- and after sales service.
All medical measurement systems are built according the ISO 601-1.
To offer a world-wide and fast support, most developed measurement systems can be completely controlled, serviced and supported by a telephone or internet connection. Ingenious Systems is familar with training and assistance of their customers on a high and intensive level to get the optimal performance out of the measurement systems.
If desirable Ingenious Systems can bring a realised solution on the market with a complete package of technical- and after-sales service as well as maintenance.
The organisation is controlled by an extensive quality system.

Ingenious Systems produces the Particle Fall Out photometer (PFO) under exclusive licence of the European Space Agency (ESA). In close co-operation with the European Space Agency, Ingenious Systems continuous develops new measurement methods to improve the production of satellites.

Ingenious Systems BV
P.O.Box 28
6860 AA Oosterbeek
the Netherlands
phone: +31 26 3336608